Client Testimonial | Terry Henderson

March 6, 2019 was a nightmare to me. After two years of calling the City of Durant, OK to try and get remedy for sewer draining from a manhole across the back side of my property, the City decided to pressure out the lines without searching for the problem. The pressure blew so much sewage in my home that it came through every sink, shower, and commode, plus ran through my house into the living room and down into my heating/air ducts. I learned a lot through this process that municipals and their insurance companies rely heavily on an outdated State Statute that gives very little compensation, initially, hoping the “customer/resident” will give up thinking they have to. I did my research and decided to get out of the direct proximity of my hometown.

I felt very secure in my decision to go with the Buxton Law Group, in particular, Logan Turner. I could not have asked for better representation than what Logan provided me. Even before deciding to go with Logan and his firm, he was very patient and helpful with questions and was not pushy at all, only wanting to help, while several other firms I spoke with were more concerned about whether they could win the case and put a lot of money in their pockets. Logan was amazing. God forbid that I should ever have to relive that nightmare, but, should I ever, or anyone else I know ever go through this, I will definitely pick up the phone and call Logan Turner at Buxton Law Group.

Client Testimonial | Jeff Smith

I was referred to Jim by a dear friend of mine, and it was the best decision I ever made to call him.

Client Testimonial | City of Guthrie

One thing that I appreciated was the fact that he [Jim] told me the truth about what it was going to take.

Client Testimonial | The Smiths

He [Jim] was one on one, he didn’t just send someone out to take pictures, it wasn’t like he was too good to walk right in there.

Client Testimonial | Marcia D. Hamilton

Never in my life did I ever think I would need an attorney for anything, but circumstances that were beyond my control changed that for me, so then I knew that I really did need someone. An acquaintance recommended Jim Buxton, and I am so thankful that I moved forward and contacted him. I was extremely nervous and scared, as I did not know what to expect. But the minute I met Jim and his staff, I knew I had made the right decision. My fears were immediately relieved.

Jim has an overwhelming passion for what he believes in, which is “right and wrong”. He and his staff went above and beyond what I believe any other law firm would have done. Their efforts are more appreciated than they will ever know. Thank you Buxton Law Group, from the bottom of my heart.

Client Testimonial | Jackie & Robert Smith

After being denied reimbursement by OMAG (City of Drumright’s insurer) for two separate incidents of sewer backup in our rental property, which were caused by the city’s negligence, we just couldn’t believe it! After the second backup we began trying to find an attorney to take our case. We were turned down each time and finally consulted a Tulsa attorney group that wrongly advised us to submit our own initial tort claims which we did. We knew the city was responsible for these backups and didn’t know of another remedy for this injustice. We were ready to give up when we found The Buxton Law Group out of Oklahoma City on the internet.

It was easy to submit our issue to them online and immediately received a phone call from Jim Buxton who was very familiar with this type of case and compassionate to our situation. He advised what our possible outcomes could be, and without promising anything gave us new hope. Our case was given to Logan Turner who was also very experienced with cases like ours. We can’t thank Logan enough for his unrelenting legal representation and winning our cases which amounted to getting us twice the amount of our initial claims.

After working with such experienced and dedicated attorneys as Logan, his assistant and The Buxton Law Group we can’t say enough good things about them and highly recommend them!

Client Testimonial | Dan & Lee Rutledge

The Rutledge Family would like to thank you for the fantastic work your law firm did in defending us against the City of Oklahoma City.

On February 1, 2012 raw sewage entered our home causing extensive damage. Contacting the City of Oklahoma City to get help in reimbursing us for the damages done to our home was a complete travesty. We were denied our claim. Not knowing where to turn we were led to contact the Buxton Law Group.

Jim met with us and gave us complete hope that we could recover our losses. Indeed that is exactly what happened. Four days in the courtroom and a positive verdict changed our lives. Jim Buxton was very professional and efficient in defending my wife and me during this entire process. We are extremely grateful to Jim Buxton and his phenomenal work .