Client Testimonial | Terry Henderson

March 6, 2019 was a nightmare to me. After two years of calling the City of Durant, OK to try and get remedy for sewer draining from a manhole across the back side of my property, the City decided to pressure out the lines without searching for the problem. The pressure blew so much sewage in my home that it came through every sink, shower, and commode, plus ran through my house into the living room and down into my heating/air ducts. I learned a lot through this process that municipals and their insurance companies rely heavily on an outdated State Statute that gives very little compensation, initially, hoping the “customer/resident” will give up thinking they have to. I did my research and decided to get out of the direct proximity of my hometown.

I felt very secure in my decision to go with the Buxton Law Group, in particular, Logan Turner. I could not have asked for better representation than what Logan provided me. Even before deciding to go with Logan and his firm, he was very patient and helpful with questions and was not pushy at all, only wanting to help, while several other firms I spoke with were more concerned about whether they could win the case and put a lot of money in their pockets. Logan was amazing. God forbid that I should ever have to relive that nightmare, but, should I ever, or anyone else I know ever go through this, I will definitely pick up the phone and call Logan Turner at Buxton Law Group.