IN YOUR CORNER: Neighborhood still stuck with bill after construction site mud floods homes

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For two months now, folks living on North Florida Avenue have felt forgotten.
“To me, it shows lack of concern, lack of worry for your fellow man,” said Paul Selco, who lives on the road. “I think it’s pretty much inexcusable.”
In early July, Paul and his wife Christine’s home was filled with muck.
It was a similar situation for their neighbors.
A flash flood caused runoff at a nearby construction site.
The plot is owned by A-List Construction.
City officials say the company’s stormwater erosion measures failed Florida Avenue.
“They are required to submit a permit, to install stormwater quality controls during construction to mitigate any of the runoff that would occur,” said Oklahoma City Public Works Director Eric Wenger. “In this case, several of those systems failed.”
For weeks, neighbors have waited for answers.
Now, a handful have hired attorney Jim Buxton to take on the case.
“They keep hearing nothing, they’re frustrated and they should be,” said Jim. “A mess, a complete and total mess that they just left these homeowners hanging.”
The damage varies up and down the street. The Selco family says their restoration will cost at least $7,500.
All this while Paul’s wife Christine fights Stage 4 cancer.
“It’s very frustrating,” he said. “‘Cause we’re not able to afford that, her being on disabled.”
Paul’s nearby neighbor, Evans, was forced briefly to stay in hotels while cleanup continued.
He tells KFOR he’s now sleeping in his garage after someone stole his replacement air unit.
“I’m sleeping on a blow-up mattress,” he said. “In the 26 years I’ve lived here, I never thought anything like that would be happening.”
At least two neighbors have filed claims with the city.
A spokesman with Oklahoma City tells KFOR they’re still in the process of investigating the incident and cannot comment on the matter yet.
A-List Construction has been less responsive.
In the early two months since the flood, everyone we’ve spoken with on Florida Avenue says they haven’t heard from A-List.
A-List has advised In Your Corner to contact their attorney. We reached out for comment, but have not heard back.
In Your Corner will be checking back.