The Guinns v. City of OKC

Have you filed a claim with the city, and they have denied your claim? You are not alone, it’s a scary place to find yourself, but with the help from Oklahoma Sewer Lawyers, you can end up just like our clients, The Guinns. The Guinns were victims of the City of Oklahoma City’s failure to maintain and repair the sewer lines. Due to the city’s failure, their home was flooded with sewage, causing substantial damage to their property and creating a nuisance. When they asked the city of OKC for help, they were ignored and were told that the City was not at fault. The Guinns called us and we conducted a thorough investigation into the cause of the sewage flood and were able to show that the City of OKC was in fact responsible for the flood and resulting damage. The City of OKC did not want to face a jury trial, so they chose to resolve the matter for $95,000.00. This enabled Katie and Justin Guinn to repair their home and put this behind them.