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The Guinns v. City of OKC

Have you filed a claim with the city, and they have denied your claim? You are not alone, it’s a scary place to find yourself, but with the help from Oklahoma Sewer Lawyers, you can end up just like our clients, The Guinns. The Guinns were victims of the City of Oklahoma City’s failure to […]

Holding Your Local Government Accountable!

  Buxton Law Group recently & successfully settled a sewer flood case, highlighting the importance of taking legal action against negligent government entities. On March 23, 2023, Adelina Atkinson and her two daughters, Wynette Abercrombie and Carmella Tate, experienced a horrifying event: their home in the Town of Washington Oklahoma began flooding with raw sewage […]

Can I Sue a City for a Sewer Backup?

If a city has failed to properly maintain its sewer system and caused a backup into your home, you may be entitled to sue the city for damages!          As a homeowner in Oklahoma, you have the right to expect that your property will be protected from harm caused by the actions […]